Where are you from?
I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida and currently reside in Cardiff, Wales, spending equal time between the two locations throughout the year.

How long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing out live for 22 years and have been lucky enough to perform in places like Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Francisco, Oakland, Amsterdam and Berlin.

What styles are you currently performing live?
Open Format, House, Drum & Bass, Downtempo/Trip-Hop, Trap/Bass Music

What kind of crowd is your music tailored towards?
The expectations of the twenty-something afterhours patron varies wildly from that of the early evening lounge attendee, so I try to provide a musical soundtrack that is authentic to each event.

Do you find yourself more comfortable playing opening sets as opposed to the peak hour?
Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate the art of the early set but I still love the rush of a late night dancefloor packed with happy people!

Do you prefer playing smaller venues over larger ones?
I’ve enjoyed the thrill of playing to thousands at festivals and large venues over the years, but I’ve always loved the intimate feel of a small nightclub with a comfortable crowd of music lovers.

Do you have a specific target audience you’re catering towards?
The audience that I hope to find on my dancefloor or in my lounge are positive people looking for some good, clean fun on a night out with their mates.

These are just a handful of offerings from my Mix Archive to get you started. All of the recordings are tracklisted and downloadable. Happy listening!

Live at Fever (2014-08-23)
Blue & Gold

Nos Da Cariad (Pillowtalk Vol 2)
Live at Fusion (2010-03-13 Part 1)
Mister Mellow

Drum & Bass
Gimme Shelter
Love Theme
Warrior Style

Trap/Bass Music