This mix was an attempt to express the grief and loneliness of losing a loved one while being half a world away from my soulmate. Part melancholy, part hopeful, it provided me with a sonic space to escape into during a difficult time in my life.

Greyboy - Whirlwind
Mo'horizons - Quando Te Veo
Mr Echo - Last Trumpet In Las Palmas
Panama Cardoon - Ritmo Salvaje
King Kooba - Koobesq
Alif Tree - Forgotten Places
Quantic - Life In The Rain
Moods - Across The Sahara
Artefact - Travelogue
Captain Planet - Cicada
Jon Kennedy - Mystery
Hexstatic - Perfect Bird
Emancipator - Wolf Drawn
Jonny Faith - Sundial
Tom Day - Who We Want To Be

Originally recorded on June 26th, 2016