Una Noche En La Mesa

Jazz and latin rhythms are showcased in this special house set performed live under a blue moon at a private event in the mountains of Colombia.

Ka-Yu - Feel/Sense
Calm - Donde Sale El Sol
Harry Wolfman - Outro Version
Sivey - Mindlock
Tek.Lun - Windows
Kyoto Jazz Massive - Eclipse
Mop Mop - Hot Pot (Ezequiel Lodeiro Latinazo Dub)
Loure - Vue
Calypso Rose - Calypso Queen (Mo Laudi Remix)
Folamour - Jazz Session for No Future People
Harry Wolfman - Mango Lime
Dauwd - Jupiter George
Brién - Convertible Woman
Koji Ono - So High
Ethyène - Free To Give
Four80East - One Night Only

Originally recorded on March 30th, 2018